Landmines & UXOs

Unexploded remnants of war is not a new problem, but it must not be forgotten. These indiscriminate weapons will destroy thousands of lives yearly until all contaminated land is cleared. Producing a mine costs a few US$, clearing one costs hundreds of US$. And this is where heavily mine- and UXO- contaminated countries are now suffering: as clearance funds are being cut there is still 1 new casualty in Cambodia every single day.
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KUMBH MELA - Walking with the Nagas

The Kumbh Mela is a vast and mystical Hindu festival dating back to the times of Gods and Demons. Lasting for over a month, the 2007 Kumbh drew 70 million pilgrims searching for spiritual enlightenment. Focusing on the Naga Sadhu Holy men, and culminating in the day of the great sacred bath, this documentary film gives an intimate impression of the world's largest act of faith.
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DIWALI - Festival Of Lights

Diwali is the Indian Festival of Lights celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and of light over darkness.The celebration includes prayer, religious rituals and the lighting of candles, and carries a great message of spirituality for the whole world. This short documentary was filmed in a Sikh temple in London.
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Malaysian Indians celebrate Thaipusam in honour of Lord Muruga, the Hindu God of War. During this festival devotees seek penance by entering into a state of trance before accepting ritual body piercing with hooks and skewers. This video clip is from Pangkor Island in Malaysia.
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